Ryan is secretly Working Against Trump – Breitbart

Bill Kristol Lets The Cat Out of the Bag: Paul Ryan Is Secretly Working Against Donald Trump – Breitbart JANESVILLE, Wisconsin — “Never #Trump” movement leader Bill #Kristol of the Weekly Standard seemingly accidentally let the cat out of the bag about House Speaker #Paul Ryan: Kristol says #Ryan is secretly working against #Donald Trump,…

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Hillary Clinton classified emails

Last Hillary Clinton emails coming today | TheHill

Final Hillary Clinton emails coming today Hillary Clinton remaining emails will be available today for the American people to review. The remaining Clinton emails will be released from the State Department so the people can see for themselves whether or not Hillary Clinton had even more classified emails on her server. We have already learned at least…

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Scott Walker: 10 All-Time Best Quotes

Scott Walker 10 all-time best quotes Scott Walker hit the national scene on Saturday, January 24, when he took the stage at the Iowa Freedom Summit along with 20 other potential 2016 presidential candidates. It was that very Saturday when he took the conservative mantle off the shelf and claimed ownership. And he didn’t do…

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Progressives Unite Under Bill De Blasio

On Tuesday, the progressive poster children united in Washington, DC. Mayor Bill De Blasio scheduled an outdoor event with liberal politicians, union leaders and celebrities (or celebrity wannabes, Al Sharpton). The purpose was to introduce their vision for a better, more progressive America and to sign a pledge,  guaranteeing their dedication to the cause. Mayor De…

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Huckabee Announces POTUS Bid – 7 All-Time Best Mike Huckabee Quotes

7 all-time best Mike Huckabee quotes you need to know as Governor Mike Huckabee announces his run for the 2016 POTUS. Governor Mike Huckabee is ready to run! The announcement was made minutes ago in Hope, Arkansas, his home town. Huckabee is now the 6th candidate in the race for the republican nomination, joining Ted Cruz,…

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