If You Believe It, Wear It!

"It's a conversation starter! LOL I was wearing it the other day when a woman came up to me and told me how much she liked it. She had moved to the U.S. from a socialist country to escape the intrusive Nanny State. Naturally, she is also concerned about the direction we are headed."  --SS

New shirts & only available here!

"Less Hillary. More Fun."

"Less Government. More Fun."

Tanks in pink, white, green and black

Insulated wraps, black and multi-color wristbands, hats and bumper stickers

Insulated wrap

Insulation wrap

Black wristband


Multi-color wristbands

Multi-colored options

Snap back cap

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Chuck Originals snap back caps


Hat with embroidered patch

Multi-colored options

Bumper stickers: traditional or magnetic

Type of Bumper Sticker