CPAC 2015 Top 10 Articles

Top 10 CPAC 2015 Articles

It’s been an exciting few days at CPAC this week at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention in National Harbor, Maryland. We’ve seen many great speeches, panels, breakouts and more spreading the good word of conservative minded people who are anxiously awaiting the next presidential election.

As you can imagine, just about every media outlet in the U.S. has someone here reporting on the event and all competing for your attention on their websites, blogs, TV and radio stations. Fortunately, with the help of Buzzsumo, we are able to organize all the content coming out of CPAC 2015 into the top 10 most shared articles this week. (As of 3:00 PM on Saturday, February 28th)

We hope you enjoy this round-up and feel free to leave a comment below!

  1. 30,722 shares“CPAC’s ‘ask a speaker’ hashtag campaign backfires before the conference even begins”

This story was posted on and written by Scott Kaufman and refers to the debacle created when the hashtag CPAC set up to curate audience questions for each speaker was overrun with liberals. OOPS!

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  1. 15,399 shares“WATCH: Fiorina Unleashes Scathing Criticism of Hillary Clinton at CPAC”

This story was posted on and refers to comments Carly Fiorina made during her CPAC speech regarding Hillary Clinton’s lack of results and other improprieties.

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  1. 14,982 shares“VIDEO: At CPAC, Ben Carson Calls for Boots on the Ground Against ISIS”

This story and video appears on and was written by Clark Holmes. See comments Ben Carson made during his speech regarding the inept handling of ISIS by the current administration and his ideas for fixing the problem.

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  1. 14931 shares“Marco Rubio Tries To Lecture Obama On ISIS, Commits Epic Error”

This story can be found on and was written by Igor Volsky and highlights some of the errors made by Senator Mark Rubio’s analysis the Obama administrations strategy for confronting ISIS.

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  1. 14,470 shares“When a Heckler Tried To Interrupt Scott Walker’s Speech, His Response Brought the Crowd Roaring To Their Feet”

This post can be found on and was written by Larry O’Connor. This story covers the incident at CPAC 2015 when a heckler made a scene during Governor Scott Walker’s speech and how well Governor Walker handled the situation.

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  1. 12,677 shares“Rand Paul Wows CPAC Crowd, Talks Privacy, Tax Cuts, Hillary Clinton”

This story, by Shushannah Walshe, can be found on and covers the highlights of Senator Rand Paul’s speech on Friday.

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  1. 12,517 shares“VIDEO: Sarah Palin Talks Veterans and PTSD in CPAC Speech”

Another story that can be found on Viral Buzz, this story, written by Bill Chandler refers to Sarah Palin’s speech in which she spoke at length on the plight of American veterans.

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  1. 12,377 shares“Ben Carson Tells CPAC Crowd He Wants to ‘Get Rid of Dependency,’ Not Welfare Programs”

This story on and written by Ken McIntyre is another reference to Ben Carson’s speech but highlights his points regarding welfare programs his opinion of the best way to handle them.

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  1. 12,307 shares“Scott Walker Pulls Thunderous Applause at CPAC — Here’s How He Responded to Lone Heckler”

Another story about Governor Scott Walker’s handling of an obnoxious heckler at CPAC 2015, written by Zach Noble and posted on

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  1. 11,692 shares“CPAC attendees plan to walk out on Jeb Bush”

This story on and written by Seth McLaughlin refers to an event that I heard about at CPAC 2015 but I didn’t actually see it happen.

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CPAC 2015 was a great event and we are looking forward to seeing who will top the Republican ticket for the 2016 election. Stay tuned for more coverage on all things conservative here on

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