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Nine Best Quotes From New Hampshire Summit

Here are the best nine quotes from New Hampshire ‘First in The Nation’ republican Leadership Summit, held in Nassau on April 17 and 18.

The conference included remarks from Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorini, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindahl, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham and many more potential candidates for the 2016 US Presidential race.

The crowd was enthusiastic and engaged.

One callout regarding Jeb Bush (quote eight)…it was clear his intent was to remind the live audience and those viewing remotely, that he is  not like his brother. This remains an enormous challenge for him as the comparisons continue to haunt him.

Here we go:

Nbobby jindahl hyphenated Americans Less Gov More Funumber Nine: Bobby Jindahl — “My parents did come to America to raise Indian-Americans. They came to America to raise Americans. I’m tired of hyphenated Americans.”




Number Eight: Jeb Bush — “We aren’t always like our brother or sister or mom and dad. We have our own DNA”

carly fiorina small business big government govNumber Seven: Carly Fiorina — “Small business is being crushed all across this country by big government. Small business is the engine of economic growth in this country.”



Number Six: John Kasich — “You know, I’m a fighter. I could fight with the best of ‘em. I could come in here and spend this whole speech blasting Barack Obama, and all this other stuff, but that’s not what I wanted to do.”

Mike Huckabee Less Government More Fun T shirt New HampshireNumber Five: Mike Huckabee — “After admitting 22 times there’s nothing I can do all by myself to fix immigration, President Obama went above the constitution and signed executive action doing just that.”



Number Four: Rand Paul — “Too many in D.C. want ‘revenue-neutral’ tax reform. That means half of you are going to pay more and half of you are going to pay less, and the net effect on the economy is zero. If all we’re for is revenue-neutral tax reform, I’m going home.”

Lindsay Graham FITN Less Government More Fun”Number Three: Lindsay Graham — “I wouldn’t let John Kerry buy me a car, much less negotiate with the Iranians.”




Number Two: Scott Walker — “Not a one of my classmates ever said to me, someday when I grow up I want to be dependent on the government…. That’s just not the American dream out there. And yet somehow when you listen to people like the president, Hillary Clinton and others in Washington act like that’s something we should aspire to.”

Rand Paul FITN New Hampshire 2015 Less Government More FunNumber One: Rand Paul — “The reason I’m running for office? I was disappointed republican doubled the size of debt when we were in charge. I was disappointed the republicans doubled the size of the Department of Education…I was disappointed that republicans were voting for bank bailouts.”


Viewing of all presentations at the summit can be viewed here:

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