It's nobody's time and everybody's race jeb bush

Jeb Bush Announces Presidential Run – 2016

Jeb Bush announces 2016 presidential run, becomes 11th republican candidate.Jeb Bush with double !! slammers the 11th entry into the crowded republican field for 2016 president of the United States

Bush, thought to be a frontrunner last fall, announced his run at Miami Dade College earlier this afternoon


Top 5 Remarks from Bush’s Presidential Announcement:

Jeb Bush announces 2016 presidential run from Miami Dade University

Number 5: “Great charities like ‘Little Sister of the Poor’ don’t need any federal instructions for doing the right thing.”





Jeb Bush announces 2016 presidential bidNumber 4:  “We made Florida #1. I introduced tax cuts for 8 years in a row and saved our people 19 Billion dollars.”







Jeb veto powers to protect big government bush announcement

Number 3:  “I used my veto powers to protect us from unnecessary big government. And if I’m elected president I’ll show congress how that’s done.”











bush announcement 2008 executive experience in white house

Number 2:  “As we’ve learned from 2008, there’s no replacement for executive experience in the White House.

It's nobody's time and everybody's race jeb bush






Number 1:  “Its nobody’s time. It’s everybody’s test. And it’s wide open like a presidential race should be.”





Bush’s two biggest challenges:

1. Common Core – Bush supported common core and pushed for its installation. This is a big blocking point with the conservative party. Bush will need to convince the most conservative wing if he intends to be victorious in 2016.

2. Immigration Reform. Bush has said he’s compassionate for illegal immigrants and sounds convincing. The problem is that nearly all republicans have compassion for immigrants too. It’s just the majority want’s legal immigration rather than a blanket amnesty. Bush will need to settle the waters with a message that resonates across his party.

Where do you stand relative to Bush’s announcement? There are 10 other contenders and tomorrow, Donald Trump, will enter the race. Are you remaining open? Or, do you have a current candidate at the top of your leaderboard? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

-Buddy Belk, LGMF Media

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