Exclusive- Donald Trump : ‘My Immigration Plan Ensures America’s Prosperity, Security, Sovereignty’ – Breitbart

Donald Trump: My Immigration Plan Ensures America’s Prosperity, Security, Sovereignty.

Donald trump immigration all talk no actionTrump has hit a nerve with Americans and it’s resonating beyond the expectations of the establishment. The American people believe he will get the immigration issue under control, something the establishment of either party has been unable to tackle.


Trump has no problem with calling out the fact neither party has been able to get the job done. While on the trail, he frequently states, “These politicians today are all talk and no action.”


Trump said that the American people understand how his plan puts their interests first and how a sensible immigration policy is critical for the well-being of our country.”

The American people and especially the voters in the Republican primary understand how critical my immigration plan is for the well-being of our country. My immigration plan ensures America’s prosperity, security, and sovereignty. That is why the Roll Call poll showed Republican primary voters approved my plan immigration plan over my rivals by a factor of 5.


Donald Trump on immigration


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